Real Time Server States

How to listen


New Age EZ Channel

New Age Electro Channel

For your listening, please follow the directions.

If you're got DSL speeded line, please download one of the following below.

Windows : Winamp, Window Media Player v9 over, iTunes, RealPlayer
Mac OS :
iTunes, RealPlayer Linux, Unix : RealPlayer, Xmms Mobile : RealPlayer

Download v2.80
  v5.05 Full

Download WMP v10

Download iTunes v6.0

Download RealPlayer v.10

Download Xmms

We recommend Winamp player.

The winamp channel is also available about iTunes and Xmms player.

Click only 'Next' button for setting, and will be completed.

For listening, click the listen button what you want at right radio pad."listen to RADIO"

Can you hear it now?

Happyday provides new age and other music for 24 hours a day.

Thank you for your listening. Enjoy the music!