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We are endeavoring picking up new artists. The music you are making is specified in New Age, and the artist and the music you know would be appropriate to New Age, why don't you share them with us? The copyright should be restricted for this station's broadcasting only, and the artist right should be under the protection. We are very welcome any kind of music you suggest, and they will be introduced to the world by our station. We have around 650 regular listeners, 24,000 listeners every day, and 700,000 listeners a month at the least. 
We're waiting for great hidden artists!


: Moon-Seok Jang, Gongju P.O.Box 24, Gongju-si,
               Chungcheongnam-do, 314-600, South KOREA

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Please, refer the email addresses to contact the Happyday Newage radio. All languages in the world would be accepted. Email us English or Korean if possible.

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